Gayan Mudra

It’s viiiiiiddddeeeeoooooooo.  I used that to explain how long it takes to edit video versus still.  So I always take a few stills while I am shooting video, because it only seems natural.  I actually shoot video as though it is a still photo mostly, but it moves, like a moving picture.  I haven’t really gotten to moving the camera around  while I am shooting just yet.  I use a lot of B roll.  But it’s a fun project, the first video should be out in a few weeks.

Krystle Marcellus | Paia, HI | canon 5d mii. 5ommmmmmmm


3 thoughts on “Gayan Mudra

  1. It’s strange how much is different and how much is the same between video and cameras. Bourdain’s film crew has been shooting portraiture using video for the last few seasons. They’ll have some panned b-roll for changing locations, but during Tony’s voiceover stuff about the local people, they’ll just put up these 5s “stills”. So that is video being shot like a camera by videographers. It’s funny because as a professional television watcher you think, ‘oh still photos, son of a B. he just blinked.’

    The crossover thing is similar to my field where you have a lot application developers who make stuff like Microsoft Word trying to move to the website design. Sure its the same, but it is also completely different.

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