A Smart Dog

Tonight on my dog walk I decided to play football with a guy and his dog that were hanging around as to be honest the light was pretty flat. Pretty soon my dog was jumping up and grabbing my hand and I thought she was jealous at me playing with the other dog. She did eventually get my attention and I turned round to see some low evening sun light on the rocks. I grabbed my camera and fired this one off and reset for a faster shutter speed however the light disappeared. I was pretty disappointed when I got home that I had missed an opportunity however exited at the thought that my dog was trying to give me pointers regarding photography HAHA.

Robert Adam / Canon 7d / Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland


5 thoughts on “A Smart Dog

    • cheers pal, I would have liked a bit more detail in the sky and contrast in the rocks to make the sun light pop. However that is just me, I am never happy with my first Image, I like to play HAHA

      • Hell I’d play for 30-45 minutes and be happy to end up with that shot. Knowing that it was just one button press makes me like it more.

  1. You have such a bad self image. This is an amazing photo. I think you need a good editor and a book contract. I would like to volunteer.

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