Rusty tower exposed at last

dan marcellus – 40d 200mm (~320mm)

you could hide before
lonely elusive tower
eat telephoto

I was accused of cheating for this challenge, and obviously I was.  I’ve been eye-ing this rusty tower for quite some time.  I shot it from the third floor as well but I liked how blue the sky was this morning.

Hopefully I can post from the coffee shops in Maine for our photocation.  I’m having a hell of a time holding this 70-200mm steady, I float like a leaf on the wind.


One thought on “Rusty tower exposed at last

  1. It took me around 2 months to get used to carrying my 70-200 around. My new daughter in law is from Maine so I look forward to seeing your Images pal. They are trying to get me to out to Portland with them for something called thanksgiving. Not sure when that is.

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