Edinburgh Street Shot

I wonder if Edinburgh has a style all of its own, this guy deffo has. I could not believe it as he walked towards me and I grabbed this shot, in truth I was nearly distracted by the smell as it was a hot night and I thought that something had died and was rotting in the gutter. However I looked up from the pavement just in time to see this handsome chappy walking towards me. I asked him what his name was and he screeched Martin or something like that, I asked if he was from Edinburgh and he said with a proud kinda posh accent obviously. God only knows what the others were pointing their cameras at.

Robert Adam / Canon 7d / Edinburgh, Scotland.


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Street Shot

  1. Landscapes, street photography, no problem! I like the sense of motion on this one. Was he moving fast? It is funny how those two kids in the back are shooting something completely different, like you’re the only one who noticed this fella.

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