Back from Alaska

Just back from a 10-day trip to Anchorage.  Will make up for lost time with a photo a day for a week from my experiences. First one is a conflict between two grizley bears over fishing rights at Brooks Falls in Katmai.  I had to go to Forest Service Bear School before they would let me wonder off on my own.  Glad I did.  400 mm nikon D3S at about 80 yards.

Argument over fishing spot



2 thoughts on “Back from Alaska

  1. Wow Bob.. just WOW! I don’t know what they taught in that class, but 80yards doesn’t really feel far enough away haha.

  2. Tremendous action shot, however it is common for the hairy locals of Glasgow to produce such action on the weekend. If you had spelt fishing with a P, then I would have thought it was a reinactment of a Glasgow tradition.

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