For Ever Changing

I want to attempt to create a photo book of some of my travels.  However, I have far too many Images that need attention, and I have far too many diverse moods to adopt an effective end result. I have come to the conclusion I have no style. HAHA

 Robert Adam / Canon 7d / Rome, Itlay.


5 thoughts on “For Ever Changing

  1. I think you’d just have to split them up based on “sweet landscapes” and “interesting personalities” and then a book dedicated to your wee dug.

    At this point I think mine would just be a book with pictures of food.

  2. Cheers guy’s you are too kind. Maybe I need to get my act together and process my many Images with a theme in mind, maybe I should discipline myself to doing at least one oldie Edit per Day.

  3. I agree. You have a very definite style and without a doubt it is easy to look at one of your photographs and identify it with you. What you need is a good editor. Like me!!!! I work for food and a wee dram from time to time.

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