Garçon, a glass of your finest sushi

dan marcellus – 60d – we’ve seen enough sushi

enough is enough
sushi, beer, grill, sleep, work, live
love monotony

I haven’t been getting enough transitional shots in while I’m on my way to the bar, or to eat sushi, or to do whatever.  I’m not quite sure what to blame, but I’ll be in Hawaii for two weeks, so I hope to make up for the boring shots there.  For what it is worth, this is one of the sexier histograms I’ve had in a while.

(According to Wikipedia this is the french word for ‘boy’ and it is apparently quite rude to refer to a waiter as boy.)


4 thoughts on “Garçon, a glass of your finest sushi

  1. Your stuff is never boring pal, I missed some excitement today as they turned a Glasgow Street into Philly to film the new Brad Pitt movie.

  2. I was just fishing for compliments. Get it, fishing, sushi, ohman. Thanks for the kind words! I’m kind of scratching my head as to why they would turn glasgow street into philly. I mean I understand how miserable we are to be around compared to the scots, and I understand from the filming perspective, scotland has clearly better skies..

    Ok I guess I understand why.

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