gael monfils

back at the us open. today began 14 grueling days of shooting, editing, no sleep and shitty food. this is frenchman gael monfils. by far my favorite player to watch. he’s got this amazing on court charisma. he’s as much an acrobat as he is a tennis player. if you get a chance to watch him do it. you’ll be very entertained. i was only on court with him for about half an hour and despite a knee injury he was jumping and flying around like a maniac. more of him to come. hopefully he’ll play some day matches. i hate shooting at night under the lights. it’s just ugly.

jared.g | queens, ny | 8.29.11 | canon 1d mark iv


2 thoughts on “gael monfils

  1. Nice to see you posting again…………..and this one is a cracker. In Scotland we love Mr Murray even though he is stiff and predictable to photograph. He will win a Grand slam one day. Wish i had your job pal.

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