Hawaii Catch-up

dan marcellus – grim reaper – 60d 17-50mm

dan marcellus – hippie bird – 60d 17-50mm

dan marcellus – no hands – 60d 17-40 f4L

my blood resonates
river echoes back my thoughts
part of me is home

Trying to roll with the atypical Hawaii shots since I don’t think pretty landscapes really are my thing.  I have been trying to channel a few Robert Adam’s photos out here though I promise.


One thought on “Hawaii Catch-up

  1. Even I cant create Robert Adam kinda photos pal. Wish I had the 17-40 f4L,I’m glad you feel like home, no better feeling, I am fed up with wall to wall sunshine and beaches at the moment, Scotland’s pish weather rules. I may need to get creative.,

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