E ………………… E, for Jared

Jared, I have enjoyed my first pro tennis shoot, well it was in front of my TV and I limited myself to 2 shots HAHA.  At this ponit Federer had just fluffed 2 match points and I think Djokovic was saying to himself…………… E….E …….. I think I’ve got him. I loved everything about this match, it was also great to see Djokovic win over the fans.  Don’t get me wrong I am also a Federer fan but Djokoovic earned the respect he got from everyone …………….. NOW  COME ON ANDY

Robert Adam / Canon 7d / My TV, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland.


3 thoughts on “E ………………… E, for Jared

  1. haha i love it. there’s actually a wacky old photographer here who will snap shots of the match on tv if he cant make it out to the court in time. crazy old art. it was a hell of a match. i was pulling for fed to wrap it up in third set. mostly because i was hungry and wanted to go inside to eat. there just something about djokovic i don’t like. i wanted a fed/nadal final. oh well.

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