Tonight, Kinghorn gave me a warm cosy feeling even though it was quite a cold night. It is amazing how light and colours just appear when I seem to need them, I was just about to pack my camera away when the sky turned. Just shows me what can happen when I am patient. I am a lucky guy.

Robert Adam / Canon 5d / Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland


3 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Man you smash landscapes. Ha, I must have shot about 350+ landscapes while I was in Hawaii, but never quite felt it like this one.

    I guess that’s what I like about your landscapes, the composition and set up make me feel there a lot more-so than my own shots (even though I *was* there).

  2. Cheers Dan, in truth it has been Photos for Day’s that has inspired me to shoot sort of local landscapes. Before Feb I had very little by the way of local photos and landscapes never really interested me. I feel I am getting to know and appreciate my homeland better through my current photos. It is also a difficult task to try to make the local area not look repetative and boring, if you know what I mean.

  3. sweet, your photo actually communicates the tempertures you mentioned, cool air and warm soul. I am glad you stayed long enough to shoot it.

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