A Togs View

Photography is a wonderful hobby, it also must be a wonderful profession. I always let the pro togs go about their business without butting in, well sometimes I do. However every time I set up for a shot yesterday this pro tog girl would appear in my frame. I was a little peeved off at first then I realised I must have been going for the right shot. I grabbed a few frames of her just to remind me. Next year at The Dunhill Championship I am going for a media pass and I am going to stand in front of her HAHA.

Robert Adam / Canon 7d / Kingsbarns, Fife, Scotland


2 thoughts on “A Togs View

  1. Dan, she had an even bigger one on a Monopod and also a backpack with various lens pouches and battery packs attached. Kingsbarns golf course is also a very long and very hilly course, it was also very warm and she put a 10hr shift in …………………she has my total respect.

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