Prattsville NY…after Irene

My fiance and I travel to Lexington NY every single weekend in the winter to ski/snowboard hunter mountain and stay with our friends who own a home up their. We often go to Prattsville for dinner or to grocery shop. This past weekend we shot a wedding in Jefferson NY and we drove through Prattsville. It was the first time we had been to NY since Irene hit and the devastation is heartbreaking! A flash flood hit and within 5 minutes their was over 10 feet off water in some of the homes. 90% of the homes were condemed. FEMA is set up in the small town to help with the cleanup. Houses were swept off their foundations, some houses were washed into the river, cars were found in the river. I know its “photo of the day”, but I could not post just one photo. To see this in real life was beyond heartbreaking. The large pile you see is a pile of homes that were found in the river. One of the pictures has a open house sign with no house, it was swept off the foundation. The picture with the yellow home actually fell into its own foundation. The church in the down was destroyed. Please keep all of these families in your prayers…..

brittany pugh | prattsville NY


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