My Sister

I have been lying in this position since April
I depend on others for my most basic needs
I have been disabled all my 53 years
I have terminal Cancer and approx 2 months to live
I am apparently a health & safety risk to Renfrewshire Social Services
My care was pulled without notice on Friday at 3:30pm
I now lie in my own dirt
I now have added infection
I am tired of fighting
I was a human
Renfrewshire Social Services Home Care are getting there way,
I will be off the books very soon.

Robert Adam / Canon 7d / Renfrew, Scotland


4 thoughts on “My Sister

  1. I hope the people in charge get their sh*t together soon so your sister can get the care she needs. This is a powerful image Robert and powerful words, maybe you can copy it into an email to your local politicians.

  2. Sadly Dan my sister passed away a few hours ago.

    A blind man could see what would happen if my sisters care was pulled, and to do it on a Friday at 3:30pm without notice is criminal. On the tuesday prior to all this she was the happiest I had seen her. She had just had a shower and had her hair cut. On Friday she gave up and tonight she died. Well done Renfrewshire Social Srevices Home Care.

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