Political Correspondent

dan marcellus – 60d 200mm (light crop) – media courthouse

I’ve been ashamed of myself for the lack of posting, but really I’ve been shooting tons. Honest. Heard joe biden the US vice president would be giving a talk, and I love walking through metal detectors with 20lbs of metal electronics equipment, so I figured what the hey!  Afterwards Joe went to Pinocchio’s a local pizza joint which would have been a great shot.  Of course their pizza is crap compared to Little Anthony’s.. but I don’t see them locking down main street for him to visit.


2 thoughts on “Political Correspondent

  1. WoW, wonderful capture pal. He looks like a Geordie Bush kinda guy and the expressions on the other faces are just fab. LOVE IT.

  2. BTW………..I think the big guy in the white hat is giving you the eye. Anna better watch out, he looks pretty full on. HAHA

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