dan marcellus – 60d 50mm 1.8 – sligo, media

Well this appears to have worked a little better, caught a reggae band on Saturday, this fella just jumped in with a horn and started playing, afterwards the band said they didn’t know who he was.

bonus image

One of the other singers asked if anyone was interested in learning how they dance in Jamaica, awesomely enough the one group convinced their pregnant designated driver that she should go up.  The look on the guys face was priceless, but he didn’t skip a beat.  Get it.  skip a beat.. music.. ohmanohman.


4 thoughts on “irie

    • I half-considered just making a new post to keep this comment of yours as funny. (To everyone arriving late, my entire original post was deleted while I was trying out drag & drop images for upload. )

  1. I hope they were playing their own music and not covers of Bob Marley and the likes. True reggae is fantastic if delivered with da real emotion man. My son is working on some scottish/reggae at the moment, and they performed an 8 song set live for the first time at a sell out gig in the biggest nightclub in Scotland last week, sounds superb.

    • It was a band playing in an Irish bar here in landlocked Pennsylvania. Not everyone has Island blood in them over here like they do in Scotland. I guess I’m just trying to cover for their bob marley.. ermm.. covers… haha. They had a bunch of original songs too, they played for nearly 4+ hrs I think.

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