Ninjas.. Pirates.. Oh my.

dan marcellus – 60d 17mm – hafencity, hamburg, germany

I don’t enjoy shooting these spaced out images, I rarely feel like the image I’m done with makes me “feel” what I was feeling when I first looked at it, which might be on account of 11-16 vs. 17-50.  I need that class RAB!


3 thoughts on “Ninjas.. Pirates.. Oh my.

  1. To quote the Rolling Stones,

    “You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes you might find
    You get what you need”

    meaning that you might miss what you wanted but the audience might find “feeling” they are looking for.

  2. The 11-16 would work for me all the time pal, a wee bit more dramatic on a crop body, however it is the emotion of the shot that counts in my book. You have deffo caught the emotion for me, I wish I had been there, great lines and fantastic light.

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