dan marcellus – 60d – media, pa

You may remember this young man as Wyatt.  He is an escape artist and harassment specialist.  He likes to wake me up randomly at night starting around 4 or 5am once he starts getting bored.  Once he is thrown out for conduct unbecoming a cat, he likes to wait until around 7am and then unmercifully pound on the door until he is fed.

Why am I telling you all this?  So you can really appreciate how nice it is to wake him up in the middle of his afternoon nap.


3 thoughts on “Paybacks

  1. You do understand the error of your ways….He will seek revenge for this when least expected.
    Be afraid…be very afraid.

  2. really nice light! I also love Wyatt a lot because I can sleep through his harassment of you. But Trigger. don’t get me started on Trigger, ask Molly.

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