iPhone Band

No cameras allowed in here but nobody said anything about phones.  The new iPhone shoots an 8 megpixel image.  Hell, the first digital camera I used shot a 3 megapixel image and we all thought it was wonderful.


4 thoughts on “iPhone Band

  1. The science and tech behind lens and optics hasn’t changed much. But eventually they’ll come up with new materials that allow for smaller better affordable optics and even small sensors, it will be wild. I wonder if the mirror will ever be gone entirely.

    • I had a whole internal monologue before I wrote that thinking about how the rules for a good photo don’t really change much.

  2. I like it Bob. Has a good feel. A camera is a camera these days. I taught my last program with 4megapixel cameras and the pictures were still awesome. So more power to ya.

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