Cute shoots.

dan marcellus – 60d – linvilla farms, pa

I’m not entirely sure if I am making excuses for myself or not, but very often I get to witness children doing very cute things, and I think these would make great pictures, but I decide to “enjoy” the moment rather than have to explain to an angry parent that I didn’t intend any harm and I’m not selling photos of their kid etc. etc.

For this shot I had already been taking pictures of the lamb by myself when this cute kid walked up so I figured it would be OK, but I only grabbed 1 snap.  I don’t think I’m a particularly creepy fella, but I try to be overly respectful of photographing peoples children, and I wonder if I would have the same concerns if I was a woman.  I think I would definitely have the same concerns as the parent.  I guess I would like to try some street-style photography instead of the events & landscapes that I’ve been sticking to since they are safe.


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