New toys…

dan marcellus – 60d ~17mm @ f2.8 – media, pa

I’ve gone and done it.  I picked up a Tokina 11-16mm.  I haven’t had any great chances to really put the thing through its paces so I figured last night on our walk for Froyo I’d give it a go.  Hand-held 1/20th shots @ f2.8 with 4000 ISO are pretty cool. We’ve had some great cloud cover out here recently but I don’t want to get in an accident pulling over on i95 to snap a shot. Looking forward to having this puppy out in Hawaii, it takes some getting used to though. I can’t walk while looking through the lens like I do with my 17-50mm haha.


One thought on “New toys…

  1. I see them everywhere, they don’t know they are clouds, they think they still in a lake somewhere. I take their picture…Sorry, meant to say the cloud cover has been nice this week.

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