Iao Valley

Just checking in on the blog today and was super inspired by everyone’s work.  I made this picture in Iao Valley about 5 minutes from my house during a fun hike up the river.

Iao Valley, Maui, Gump, Hawaii, beautiful, rainforest, krystle marcellus photography


I learned most of what I know about light from Bob Laramie

Just wanted to make sure that was out there Bob.  Bob taught me so much about lighting and I am forever grateful for my first Quick and Dirty kit.  I think about you everytime I pick up that bag, even though there’s new lights in it and new remotes, I still feel the love.  But in all seriousness, I love my mentors so much, so if there’s someone out there looking to you for help, be that person for them.  I’m teaching a class on seeing light today and intro to flash. I’ve come a long way and still have so much to learn.

Senior Portrait, Kihei HI | Canon 5d mii w/580 EXII and pocket wizards w/a stofen | Photo by: Krystle Marcellus

House of the Sun

I always like when people come to visit me, so I get inspired to wake up a 3am and take a less than 2 hour drive to one of the most beautiful places in the world, Haleakala Crater.

Haleakala Crater, 8 photo HDR merge

no edit, pure light

Krystle Marcellus | Canon 5d mii, 17-40 f/4, tripod| Haleakala Crater, HI

I missed my own deadline

After starting this venture a year ago, I had no idea what would come of it, my main goal was to create a place where people could post pictures that they loved taking and having other people truly appreciate the work.  I have seen that community being created here and am happy to know of of you taking part and keeping it going.  So here’s to taking leaps and coming out ahead.

Krystle Marcellus | Canon 7d w/ 70-200 f/2.8 | Kihei, HI


Remember me?  So glad to see everyone’s work.  I’m working on a project right now at http://www.be1vision.com.  Teaching photo in a Haitian community in Dominican Republic.  So check out some of the work!  I think you’ll like it.














Krystle Marcellus | 5d mii | Muñoz, Dominican Republic