missing sushi, must go soon.

Crab Risotto with spinach & porcini mushrooms.


dan marcellus – 60d – media, pa

Crab risotto with spinach and porcini mushrooms. I finished it with some truffle oil my friend Mike from house shared with me, that with the shredded parmesan, quarter stick of butter really gave it a nice velvety delicious finish. Sadly I ran out of stock though and didn’t feel like using tap water so it wasn’t nearly as soupy as it I like it.. but soupy risotto doesn’t make little mountains.


Brave new world

dan marcellus – 60d ~80mm – aston, pa

My sister whipped up these eggs.  I had a wonderful time making little voices of despair as I shoved them into my mouth whole.  It felt like to me it was this terrified remnants of a tribe of little egg warriors, huddled together for protection as their comrades where being ripped off the face of the earth into the gaping maw of a psychotic despot who thought little of their deaths.

Which unfortunately is not that far from the reality of the life of a chicken egg.. come to think of it.  Bummer.

A delicious bummer.

Happy Birthday :D

dan marcellus – 60d – media, pa

This was one of the best pieces of chocolate cake I’ve had in a million years.  The inferno on top of that cake led to some serious wax getting laid down, the frosting itself was all gooey and tasty from the blaze.  Suffice to say the recipient of the cake did not enjoy seeing an actual representation candle-wise.

Lazy sunday afternoon.

dan marcellus – 60d – the kitchen

Had a very Italian day, first Anna and I tried our hand at making pizza, and then ate all of it.  After that Anna whipped up these snacks, I bought a rather expensive bottle of olive oil from DiBruno’s.. but it was worth it.

Buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, tomato, with a olive oil and a balsamic drizzle.  I think there’s some salt & pepper on top for good measure.