To join in for a month of shooting, e-mail me at  All levels are welcome.

Krystle Marcellus | Waihe’e, HI |

Creator of Photos for Days

Krystle Marcellus is a photojournalist who loves working with people in their communities.  Her work thrives on making new connections with people and taking on their experiences visually.  She grew up in the Philadelphia area where she studied Photojournalism at Temple University.  Currently based in Maui where her family roots originate, she is developing and teaching curriculum for youth to improve literacy through photojournalism and is currently accepting new freelance clients.

Daniel Marcellus |Media, PA|

the bones behind Photos for Days


Dan Marcellus shoots cheap canon powershots a Canon 60D.  His main background is in computers, but he is known to dabble in photography, culinary antics, ninjitsu, and balloon animal sculpture.



Our contributing Photographer’s are:

Robert Adam | Burntisland, Fife Scotland |

I am Robert Adam and I live in Scotland and I travel a bit too much, I am currently in Florida for a few weeks then I may be in Belguim, Holland or Rome, then maybe Germany. Everywhere but where I want to be. Only kidding a cowboy like me is destined to be on a trail shooting, maybe someday I will capture a decent Image.




Ciara D’Anella | Peoria, AZ |

My name is Ciara,
I have a BA in Theatre Arts
I am passionate about the following:

-The little things in life





Anna Still | Media, PA |

Anna is not a photographer. No matter where she is, she wants to be somewhere else, unless there is ocean nearby. Normally, Anna sits in an oversize cube and manages a bunch of people who write TV listings for Latin America. Amazingly, she is entitled to five weeks of vacation per year and uses that time to visit her family in Europe or discover fun things about the US. Anna makes sure to take a lot of pictures wherever she goes, even though she is not a photographer.




Jared Gruenwald | Philadelphia, PA |

jared.g is a photographer and proud owner of millions of his own images. he graduated from temple university where for some unknown reason paid out of state tuition for a degree in the dying field of photojournalism. he has worked around the world taking pictures of people, sports, landscapes, and many many street performers. his other interests include talking to homeless people, doing laundry, reconstructing the hanging gardens of babylon in his small apartment and making beautiful things for the rest of us to look at. he can be reached at (written by the inimitable natasha mell-taylor)





Bob Laramie has worked as a professional photographer for more than 30 years.  During that time he has developed expertise in studio and location portraiture, commercial, public relations and photojournalism.  Assignments have taken him to almost every continent on earth covering news, sports, travel, and corporate photography.

His training began under the tutelage of  Heinz Schneider in Germany who he apprenticed with for three years.  Undergraduate degree work includes still and video photography and television production.  He holds an A.S in Media Technology and a B.A. in English with a minor in Journalism.
He recently retired as the Deputy Director of Photography at the Philadelphia Daily News.

Gabrielle Motta-Passajou | Boone, NC

Gabrielle Motta-Passajou, aka Agua de Beber, is French-Brazilian and has been living in the States for 18 years. She is a foreign language and capoeira instructor in Boone, NC. She has developed a passion for photography in her early twenties. She wishes she had more time to dedicate herself to the art. Because of time constraints she mostly takes pictures around the house perimeter, within a few yards of the places she has to be, and on multiple car trips to drop her kids in various places.




Brittany Pugh | Moorestown, NJ  |

Brittany was born and raised in south jersey. You can regularly find her on the slopes or in search of the perfect wave. She shoots everything from infants to weddings and even finds creative angles to photograph her favorite food; sushi.



Mauricio Rubio | Chicago, IL |

Mauricio Rubio has been involved in photography since age 8, when he was given a camera by his uncle, Pablo Martinez Monsivais. He began taking pictures of everything in sight, enchanted with the translation of objects captured from real life. During a junior year photo class, he fell head over heels, and from that point on, he was immersed.
Mauricio is currently in his senior year at Columbia College Chicago, officially majoring in photography with a concentration in photojournalism.
Mauricio’s photography strives to bridge the gap between people from all races, creeds, and walks of life, breaking the silence and opening the dialogue within.




Matt Steigerwalt | Upland, PA |
I am an amateur photographer but with over 10 years expierence;  I started while traveling all over the US for work and have hundreds of pictures that I wish were of better quality.  Since then I have taken close to 35,000 pictures of everything from bugs in my yard, family trips, & my favorite subjects, my kids.  I do prefer nature and lanscapes to people but that’s just me.  I that you enjoy so you what you see here.”



To Join Photos for Days please contact


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